What is the purpose or function of this breeding facility?

Breeders are individuals or organizations that specialize in breeding specific types of animals, including cats.

Their primary goal is to produce healthy, well-tempered, and genetically sound kitten litters that meet the standards and characteristics of a particular breed.

What kind of cats do you breed?

We ethically breed a broad classification of Colorpoint Siamese.

How do you adopt a kitten?

You can contact us directly via phone or email. We will provide you with the necessary information and guide you through the adoption process.

What payments do you take?

We accept Cash, Credit/Debt Cards and PayPal.

Will my kitten be spayed or neutered prior to adoption?

Considering that some cat owners have expressed an interest in engaging in responsible breeding practices for their kittens. The decision to spay or neuter your kittens remains entirely with the responsible owner.

What kind of support and guarantees do you provide to new owners?

As part of our commitment to ethical practices, we provide a 30-day refund guarantee in the event that you determine raising a kitten is not suitable for your current circumstances. We do not impose or pressure our adopters to retain a kitten if financial or other issues arise. It is our policy to gladly accept the kitten back, ensuring their welfare remains our priority.