We Provide Unique Kittens
for Exceptional Owners

More Than Your Average Breeder

Welcome! We are two devoted sisters collaborating to raise healthy and joyful litters. Nestled in Rockford, Illinois, USA. Our specialty lies in breeding Colorpoint Siamese kittens, known for their diverse gene pool, which results in a stunning array of Siamese colorpoints and captivating personalities. From tortoiseshell and lynx to tabby and flame point Siamese kittens, we offer a diverse selection.

Our Love for Feline Perfection

We invite you to explore our cattery and consider welcoming one of our kittens into your family. Experience the love, joy, and companionship that a precious feline can bring to your life.

Why We’re the Best Choice

We prioritize the optimal development of our kittens from an early age, ensuring they have well-developed musculature and nervous systems. Our kittens have been praised for their visible muscle definition and tone, with muscles that feel firm to the touch—a clear sign of their excellent development. Additionally, their well-developed nervous systems grant them agility and grace in their movements.remarkable silk-like texture.

Delightful Memories of Past Litters

I’m very happy with our kitten, she’s fits right in with our family


Father of Two Kids

Needed a companion while in university. Tender Kittens made it easy to adopt my new furry baby!

Jennifer K

College Student

After losing my cat. I had to fill the gap in my home. Glad, I was able to find the right kitten.

Claudia B


First time cat owner and I’m happy we went here and found my furry friend.

Mel Joy